Tizen emulator is not able to start | 64bit Windows

I have my trial with tizen sdk and emulator. Fist thing I had problem with was starting tje emulator. I have windows 7 64bit with java 1.8 sdk also 64 bit. At first i was not able to install tizen 64 bit sdk, so I’ve installed the 32bit one. After that, everything was great except the emulator manager, that was not starting. In my case, the solution was easy. I’ve looked into log that is located somewhere like Tizen\tizen-sdk-data\tizen-sdk-data\emulator-vms\vms\emulator-manager.log.


[2014.5.28 13:44:40][WARNING][EmulatorManager.main] Throw exception: Cannot load 32-bit SWT libraries on 64-bit JVM
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Cannot load 32-bit SWT libraries on 64-bit JVM

So I uninstalled the 64 bit java wersion and down graded it to 1.7. After that everytnig works great.

I have also set the JAVA_HOME system variable.



Hope this will help someone:D

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